Difficult for memory theft victim to make any money

India is unlikely to have any large internet company like google or facebook, because ntro, security agencies are stealing and selling the memory of all experienced internet users, domain investors and paypal account holders without their permission or offering compensation to large companies allegedly google, tata. If the memory theft victim will think of any new idea or money making method , it will be immediately sabotaged by the ntro, google, tata employees who are monitoring her closely. These ntro, google, tata employees are already stealing all the correspondence including emails, smses of the domain investor, paypal account holder , and closely monitoring online and offline activities, including web pages visited, so the memory theft victim has no secret at all.
Every business is making a profit because it has some trade secret or advantage that other businesses or individuals do not have . In case of the harmless domain investor, paypal account holder, ntro employees are stealing her memory, which is her greatest asset, and giving it to companies like google, tata and others for free, without compensating her in any way