Memory reading used to fund car for goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi

The cunning fraud pathological liar security, ntro officials have put a harmless single woman obc engineer and domain investor under surveillance for more than 6 years , falsely claiming national security, when actually it allows them to operate a very lucrative extortion racket, generating a huge amount of black money. They are using memory reading on the domain investor making 100% fake claims that it is required for national security when they actually want to extort the maximum amount of money from the harmless engineer , to cause more financial losses.
For example when the engineer will purchase cloth material costing Rs 100, they will ask the shopkeeper to charge the domain investor Rs 150 per meter and the rest of the money will go to the goan gsb fraud siddhi and her associates. Over a period of more than 3 years, goan gsb fraud siddhi has accumulated a lot of black money with the help of her boyfriends, sex partners and relatives, which she is using to purchase a new car

When will the Indian security agencies be honest that they are labelling harmless indian citizens as a security threat without any proof, only because they want to extort money to purchase new cars and other luxuries for their friends, relatives and sex partners like goan R&AW employee siddhi