NTRO too busy reading memory of google competitor to deal with Kashmir, Naxal issue

In a clear case of misplaced priorities, the top ntro employees are too busy freelancing for google, stalking and reading the memory of a harmless google competitor for 7 years since 2010, with the most sophisticated equipment available, to deal with far more serious problems like the Kashmir, Naxal issue.
NTRO can easily provide aerial cover to the CRPF and security agencies when they are dealing with those hostile to them, reducing the possibility of a fatal attack, or at least recording all information accurately so that action can be taken in future, however the top officials are too busy freelancing to help in talent acquisition for google, tata to be bothered about terrorist, and the threat to security agencies.
These cunning ntro employees are very good at demonizing the harmless google competitor, reading their memory , so their great fraud of ignoring the real terror threat has been ignored since 2010 resulting in loss of life