Google, tata employees protecting and rewarding all India extortionist, blackmailer, fraud gang to steal memory

Google, tata are making millions of dollars in profit stealing the memory of harmless indian citizens without their permission, without any compensation after viciously defaming them without any proof at all, using the services of a top secret extremely ruthless well protected all India extortionist, blackmailer gang who specialize in making completely fake allegations without any proof against harmless indian citizens, domain investors and paypal account holders ,\
The fraud ntro employees like the brahmin bengaluru director puneet are also accomplices of the fraud google, tata employees falsely pretending to help the person who is falsely accused , when actually he does everything possible to destroy the life of the innocent person falsely accused, refusing to ask the google, tata sponsored blackmailers and extortionist any kind of proof of cheating. The fraud puneet , a great conman, also does not allow the person who is falsely accused, a chance to defend herself
Instead the cunning fraud puneet uses home intrusion, radiation weapons to cause memory loss and steals the retirement savings of the innocent person, and then wastes the hard earned money to reward all the google, tata sponsored frauds making fake allegations. It becomes a vicious fraud when google, tata's cheaters find that they are getting paid by the brahmin fraud puneet for making completely fake allegations against a innocent person without being questioned, naturally more are making fake allegations and are rewarded by google, tata for their defamation.
When a large number of google, tata sponsored frauds are making fake allegations without any proof at all against a innocent person, google competitor, in a clear case of discrimination, the ntro, cbi employees are blindly believing in the lies to steal the memory of the innocent harmless person falsely accused without any proof . More than 7 years after the google, tata sponsored fraud started in 2010, not a single google, tata sponsored fraud making fake allegations without proof against the google competitor has the courage and honesty to face her , yet her memory is being stolen daily

Why are completely fake allegations without any proof against an innocent person, domain investor used by ntro to steal the memory of the person since 2010