Memory reading used for planning harassment

NTRO has been reading the memory of a harmless google competitor and domain investor since 2010, falsely claiming national security, tax evasion, when actually they wish to increase the profit of google, tata, and harass her , especially when she is out of her home. Usually when she will plan her outdoor activities in panaji, goa well in advance, she will find that she is subjected to more harassment, as the local intelligence and security agency employees involved in organized stalking have information about the stores she will visit, and plan the stalking accordingly.
Only when she will take last minute decision to visit a particular store, these officials usually cannot react immediately and send their associates for stalking her. So the non consensual memory reading by NTRO has forced the domain investor to stop planning, and take impulsive decisions and avoid stalking, as her memory and thoughts do not remain private, violating the fundamental right to privacy, guaranteed by the indian constitution.