Discrimination in memory reading

While it is agreed that memory or mind reading is possible in 2017, there is no open debate on the blatant discrimination in memory reading of some indian citizens in 2017 without their knowledge, permission or offering any kind of compensation . For example since 2010, corporates like google, tata, jealous officials like puneet, vijay, j srinivasan, parmar, patel, anish, have demonized a harmless domain investor, google competitor without proof,, to stalk her and read her memory without her permission or offering any kind of compensation for the theft of memory though it is causing very great business losses and making it difficult to develop any kind of relationship.
When the indian citizens have the right to equality, why are only some indian citizens not having the right to privacy , the right to their memory, why are they alone targetted for memory reading when most other indian citizens are not targetted, is it not discrimination of the worst kind?
Who decides the names of the indian citizens who will be targetted for non consensual memory reading?
What is the name , designation of the government employees and others who have access to the stolen memory of some indian citizens ? For example this domain investor who has been subjected to memory reading since 2010, has reason to believe that her stolen memory is used by a large number of people who hate her, and competing companies who would like to destroy her financially, professionally.
Why is there no way an indian citizen can end the indian government and corporates reading her memory for financial gain?