Why are indian women only targetted for memory reading to punish for registering domain names

In the blog nohatdigital, a online marketer mentioned that he had 5000 or more websites , and more than 1000 wordpress blogs, which he used to make a lot of money online.
However only in India, domain investors who have less than 100 working wordpress blogs are being targetted by the cruel criminal indian intelligence and security agencies, especially NTRO using mind reading and voice to skull technology causing great mental stress. These NTRO, cbi employees have developed a simple way of torturing the domain investor "memory commons" indicating that they will read her memory without her permission, to punish her for registering a domain name.
When citizens of all other countries can register any number of domain names, why is the female domain investor alone tortured by indian intelligence and security agencies using voice to skull technology
The female domain investor is clearly discriminated against, a writer on a book on "hearing voices" said that she was the only person who understood the technology till date, clearly indicating that only the domain investor has been selected for non consensual human experimentation by indian intelligence and security agencies, most indian citizens are left alone