Memory reading, voice to skull technology used to make life hell

It is now confirmed that the indian government is using memory reading , voice to skull technology on indian citizens, often to make their life hell. For example for a google competitor , the memory reading is used to send negative unpleasant messages depending on what she has read or spotted . So working on a computer or watching television has become an unpleasant experience, as these officials are always sending negative messages, The domain investor was also denied almost all information,isolated, so she forced herself to look for messages in everything. This was further exploited to send misleading and unpleasant messages to cause further mental stress.
The memory reading is used to check whether the message had a positive or negative effect.
If it had a negative effect, the officials will again try to create the negative effect again
Though the domain investor is training herself to ignore the messages , it can be a very difficult task, as the messages are very omnipresent, usually some kind of programming is being used, keeping track of positive and negative messages
Now only gardening and looking after pets can help escape the mental torture using wireless technologies.