I Like That People Seem to Be Getting Smarter and Smarter

I got tired of going to me having to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me.. He's an older guy, who is around 78 or so. He seems too set in his ways. So, I stopped going to him, and now I go to a chiropractor in San Francisco who actually cares enough to listen to me and then acts based on what he learns from me. He's the one who figured out that I have a kneecap that cracked in half, and that is why I have so much pain in my knees. He's in his thirties, and it really seems like today's younger people are a a lot happier, friendlier and willing to listen to people. So, I will stick with him from now on.

It seems that a lot of older people are stuck in their ways. That's why I love the chiropractor that I go to on a regular basis. He's young, and knows the most recent, up-to-date things that he needs to know about helping people. I am trying to be mindful of when I am stubborn. My sad is incredibly stubborn, and I can see a little of him in myself. Continue reading →

Memory reading used for planning harassment

NTRO has been reading the memory of a harmless google competitor and domain investor since 2010, falsely claiming national security, tax evasion, when actually they wish to increase the profit of google, tata, and harass her , especially when she is out of her home. Usually when she will plan her outdoor activities in panaji, goa well in advance, she will find that she is subjected to more harassment, as the local intelligence and security agency employees involved in organized stalking have information about the stores she will visit, and plan the stalking accordingly.
Only when she will take last minute decision to visit a particular store, these officials usually cannot react immediately and send their associates for stalking her. So the non consensual memory reading by NTRO has forced the domain investor to stop planning, and take impulsive decisions and avoid stalking, as her memory and thoughts do not remain private, violating the fundamental right to privacy, guaranteed by the indian constitution.

Brainwave reading, mind reading, memory reading are the same

Those who complain about memory reading are often labelled as mentally unsound in india, yet the fact remains that brainwave and mind reading technology has greatly advanced in the last few decades. Recently most mainstream media outlets carried the news that Facebook was developing mind reading technology and had hired 60 research scientists to develop the best way to read brain waves.
Unfortunately in india, memory or mind reading is used selectively on some harmless indian citizens without their permission or offering them any kind of compensation. The stolen memories of these second class indian citizens, are then transferred to the mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends of top intelligence and security agency employees like R&AW employee brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, so that these frauds get a monthly indian government salary, for doing nothing at the expense of the person whose memory is being stolen without their permission.

Memory reading will not help in human cloning

Allegedly bribed by google, tata, ntro started a very cruel non consensual human cloning experiment on a harmless domain investor, google competitor, engineer in 2010. The ntro employees involved were so blinded by their hatred for the domain investor, and their lust for their girlfriends that they made a very major mistake, in not understanding the factors required to clone a person.
Memory is only one aspect of a person, there are other more important aspects like
– risk taking ability
– work ethic
– drive, passion, interest
– morals, personal values
– experience
The ntro employees can steal the memory of the domain investor and transfer it to their sex partners like slim obc bhandari sunaina, relatives like nayanshree,riddhi, siddhiand girlfriends, however these women are least interested in investing in domain names, so the cloning experiment will fail.

Instead of serial offenders, memory reading used for business purposes

The indian government has officially admitted that it is able to track and read the memory of private citizens, and there was a report in times of india that the technology had been developed. In the report, officials claimed that the memory reading is going to be used on serial offenders like child molestors. However the harsh reality is that NTRO employees are allowed to misuse the equipment, to freelance for large corporates, help them acquire talent and technology cheaply or free of cost. For example since 2010, the indian government and ntro has used memory reading without the permission of or offering any kind of compensation to a harmless google competitor and experienced single woman engineer.
The stolen memory is then given to large companies like google, tata, making the engineer, a slave of these IT and internet companies , increasing their profit

Reading memory of harmless citizens is a waste of resources

Pakistan has been able to increase their attacks on India, because of the misplaced priorities of top indian intelligence and security agencies who are wasting a lot of time, money and resources in reading the memory of a harmless indian citizen, google competitor to increase the profit of google, tata. The tata masterminded fraud started in 2010, and now it is very clear that the tata sponsored frauds, sex worker R&AW/CBI employees will never be clones of the google competitor, because they are only interested in having sex, cheating, housework, not in domain names or working online, yet the memory reading continues.
Instead of accurately gauging the character of these R&AW/CBI employees within a year, the ntro employees are blinded by their lust, infatuation, that they fail to realize or acknowledge their mistake and waste resources on memory reading of harmless indian citizens, especially google competitors. If the indian security agencies were professional and patriotic, they should have devoted these resources to those who are creating problems in kashmir, instead of stalking, sexually harassing, torturing and reading the memory of a harmless google competitor thousands of kilometers from kashmir or any problem area.