NTRO memory reading breaching the indian constitution, right to equality

India officially claims that all indian citizens are equal, why is the memory of a obc single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor alone stolen by NTRO employees , why google, tata sponsored goan sex workers and other frauds, google, tata employees getting access to her stolen memory for free, without her permission or offering any kind of compensation .
The obc engineer whose memory is stolen by NTRO employees does not get access to the memory of the NTRO employees or the R&AW/CBI employees who given the stolen memory for free , clearly indicating that the obc single woman engineer is a second class citizen, a slave whose memory is stolen by NTRO employees
The indian government should publicly specify the criteria for selecting indian citizens for memory reading, why only select citizens, especially the obc single woman engineer is selected for memory reading as the stolen memory is often used to extort money when shopping, cause losses to her online business, as the officials are sabotaging anything that is making a profit, misleading domain buyers worldwide