Indian government should clearly specify how stolen memory of citizens are handled

Now that the indian government , NTRO is involved is large scale theft of memory of indian citizens, the indian government should clearly define how they are handling the stolen memory. These NTRO employees should be asked to defend the memory theft of citizens in an open debate, as they are causing financial losses to a private citizen, and also wasting indian tax payer money for increasing the profit of large corporates

Usually the stolen memory should be kept confidential only with the security, NTRO employees who order the memory theft, and a time frame should be specified for memory theft. The name, designation of the NTRO employees who have access to the stolen memory should be specified, and the government should indicate what precautions are being taken to ensure that the stolen memory is not leaked to corporates by the NTRO employees

It can be very profitable for companies like google, tata to access the memory of a business rival for free, they do not have to pay any salary or other expenses yet are getting access to all the research of a business rival with the help of the NTRO employees who are freelancing for google, tata. In panaji, goa the stolen memory is also being used to extort money from the domain investor, for example for a kilo of potatoes the price quoted was Rs 48 when the actual market price is Rs 17 in May 2017

At present the domain investor is spending her hard earned money on domain names to find linkage patterns, and ntro employees are stealing her memory without permission and sharing it with google, tata to increase the profit of these companies. These companies are not paying the high salary which an experienced domain investor, link seller would otherwise get, they do not spend money on domain names, webhosting, internet expenses, yet are getting access to the memory of a private citizen just because corrupt top officials on the payroll of google, tata are making fake allegations without any proof since 2010

If the ntro employees are not able to find any proof against the citizen, small business owner, within 3 or 6 months, they should leave the citizen alone