Why memory reading of online business owners is unfair

The ntro and indian government employees ordering memory reading are getting a monthly indian government salary, their income does not depend on the orders which they are getting . However the online business owners income depends almost exclusively on the orders which they are getting and when the indian government shares the stolen memory of the indian citizen, small business owner, with the IT/internet company like google, tata , these companies can then lock payment, close the account or steal orders causing financial losses.
For example whenever the domain investor is try to sell domain names, the google, tata employees are using the stolen memory to block the domain sale, similar link sales are also being blocked by google, tata to cause financial losses, denying the online business owner the fundamental right to earn a fair living and the right to privacy.
If the security, intelligence agencies have any doubt they can put a person under surveillance for a month or a few months which is the normal practice worldwide. If there is no proof, the surveillance and memory reading is stopped, allowing the citizen to lead a normal life., However putting a domain investor and google competitor under surveillance for more than 7 years, since 2010, because it is profitable for large corporates, is very unfair as the person is working as a slave for the it and internet companies who have access to the stolen memory who are getting access to all the research for free , without paying any of the expenses.