Dishonesty and greed of NTRO employees stealing memory of private citizen, google competitor

When a private citizen has not broken any law, NTRO and government employees have no right to steal the memory of a private citizen without her permission and without offering any kind of compensation, to increase the profit of large corporates, get more lucrative opportunities, government jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives, sex partners and friends with fake resume, fake investment, fake work .
Just because some powerful fraud corporates and top officials ran a very vicious slander campaign without any proof at all against a harmless innocent private citizen for 7 years since 2010, it does not mean that ntro, the indian government can steal the memory of the harmless innocent private citizen for the rest of their life to increase the profit of large corporates like google, tata.
Just because google, tata are bribing the corrupt shameless fraud ntro employees , these ntro employees forget the indian constitution which guarantees that all indian citizens have the right to equality, to justice. Why are ntro employees only reading the memory of google competitors, why not of google, tata employees, small business owners, professionals who have a similar revenues.
The ntro employees are aware of the fact that the stolen memory is used repeatedly to cause financial losses to the domain investor, who is not getting a monthly government salary like them, and has more business expenses than the ntro employees, yet they are continuing to steal the memory of the harmless domain investor making it difficult to earn a fair living, as they ruthlessly block every opportunity she is getting.