Stealing memory of indian citizens is like any other kind of theft of physical goods

Many people, especially educated people make money from the knowledge and information that they have, for example, doctors are charging Rs 250- Rs 1000 just for a checkup and giving advice to just 1 patient. They spend many years and money in gaining the expertise to give the correct advice to their patients, and are paid for it. There are others like tax consultants, financial advisors who also make money giving advice.
However in the indian internet sector, google, tata have started a major racket of stealing the memory of indian citizens, especially domain investors, paypal account holders, after falsely labelling them a security threat without any proof at all. The security agency employees making the fake allegations cannot provide any proof after putting their victim under surveillance for more than 7 years since 2010, yet they continue to ruthless steal the memory of the citizen to give it to google, tata and other companies who then increase their profit with the stolen memory.
Just like a manufacturing company will increase its profit, if it can get the raw material free, stolen from a business rival, with the help of corrupt government employees, as the expenses are reducing, the cunning fraud google, tata employees are stealing the memory of a google competitor with the help of corrupt ntro, security agency employees since 2010, and refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are involved in financial fraud, human rights abuses on the domain investor, google competitor