google steals business rivals memories, associates torture business rival for using the internet

Since 2010, NTRO has been stealing the memory of a google competitor and allegedly sharing the stolen memory with google, tata and other companies to increase their profit, as these companies are promoting the lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives, sex partners, friends of these fraud ntro employees.

At the same time, google, tata associates in ntro and other agencies are ruthlessly torturing the business rival with voice to skull technology , telling her that she should not be using the internet and search for finding information or any other application, The google competitor is not getting the internet connection for free, she paying the iSP for the internet connection and as a consumer, she has the right to get good connectivity,

when the memory of the google competitor has been stolen for more than 7 years by the internet companies without her permission or offering any kind of compensation, what right do these companies have to lecture the domain investor on internet usage., when they themselves are section 420 frauds

On the NTRO employees are stealing and selling her memory to google, tata and others without her permission in a clear case of discrimination, as the memory of only a few indian citizens are stolen without a legally valid reason, denying her the fundament