Memory reading used for organized stalking in panaji, goa

NTRO claims that memory reading is required for national security when actually it is clearly misused for organized stalking in panaji, goa, for harassing the domain investor whenever she leaves the house.
For example when the domain investor went to a bag store to purchase a bag on 22 June 2017 at around 4 pm, the ntro, security agency employees who are involved in the organized stalking sent their microchipped associated, a married women with dark complexion, facial features similar to the domain investor, wearing a dark brown salwar kameez, to the bag store . The woman was probably married to a person with plenty of black money, and she purchased 10 bags costing around Rs 7500 from the store , in panaji, market area
Most women will purchase only 1 bag at a time, the woman was intentionally told to purchase 10 bags by those who controlled her to show how the security agency employees in india pamper their microchipped asssociates who are married and tall enough, making them very rich, while ruthless defaming, cheating and exploiting single unmarried women in India, especially if they are not tall enough.
The domain investor also wanted to purchase tomato ketchup from a local store, and the store was closed, though it is normally open . This is another case when memory reading is used for organized stalking to make it difficult to purchase anything and then make fake allegations of black money.