Unlike google which has google adwords, memory theft cannot be monetized

Google search is not entirely free, google makes some money from almost all searches, as ads are shown resulting in huge profit for google through google adwords. Yet whenever a domain investor will use google for finding any information voice to skull technology is being used by ntro employees to taunt her that she will get only 50% of her savings, which the google, tata, ntro, cbi employees have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.
On the other hand, unlike google adwords, the domain investor and google competitor does not benefit in any way, when her memory is stolen, it only causes insomnia, losses while shopping and increased harassment, resulting in wastage of a huge amount of time.
This taunting of the cruel animal like fraud ntro employees again exposing the DISHONESTY, HYPOCRISY AND FRAUD OF the ntro employees who have searched and stolen almost the entire memory of the google competitor since 2010, without offering any kind of compensation at all, why is a private indian citizen, google competitor expected to donate her entire memory for free and if she will try to access a very small fraction of the memory of google, ntro employees are taunting her that they will gift 50% of her savings, which they have stolen, to google
can the ntro employees explain in an open debate why the google competitor has to donate her entire memory to google, tata and others for free, without any compensation at all, and when she uses google search, which is monetized, she is also expected to donate her hard earned money stolen by ntro, cbi employees to google and others for free.
Why is the google competitor, a harmless small business owner, only expected to make endless donations in India of her savings, memory to google, and greedy fraud sundar pichai led google only steals everything and gives nothing as compensation to the google competitor whose memory they have stolen since 2010. If google, tata, ntro employees are really honest, in addition to her savings, the google competitor should be paid 500% of her savings as damages for the great loss, defamation, pain caused