Getting Back to Better Spinal Health Took Me Some Time

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The downward trend for me started when I started going up in pant sizes. I felt my clothes getting tight, then I just bought bigger pants and shirts when I got new clothes. My problem is that I was eating the same I as did when I had a far more strenuous job. When the pounds built up to a certain point, my back started to hurt really bad. On top of gaining weight, I had lost muscle mass from doing less. My wife found me a Tracy chiropractor that was able to help me with my back pain, nutrition, the weight loss I needed and getting my strength back.

I know that I could have just kept on going in for spinal adjustments to relieve pain, but I wanted a permanent fix for my problem rather than just a bandage. The first approach was to get my back aligned to relieve the pressure on the nerves that were causing me all of the pain that I was having. The eating right and exercise helped me lose the weight to make it easier on my back. The resistance exercises helped me rebuild back muscles to hold my back in better alignment sitting or standing.

It was nice to get the works that actually not only fixed my immediate pain issues but also fixed me for the long term. I did not get myself into the health position I was in overnight, and it took some time to recover from my mistakes. The regular adjustments kept me working and active, and over time I needed less and less of them. Now I just make an appointment for a spinal adjustment if I do something stupid to knock my back out of alignment or if I have a particularly strenuous week at my job.