Memory reading used for stalking in vegetable shop by gujju women

If the ntro employees had ended their identity theft racket with getting their 10 lazy greedy cheater girlfriends and relatives raw/cbi jobs with the stolen resume, the domain investor may have kept quiet, and moved on.
However the ntro employees continue to steal her memory, and are then using the surveillance for stalking the domain investor, wasting her time at every opportunity. For example the domain investor was planning to go to a vegetable shop near the pwd office, near caculo mall,in panaji, goa on 27 June 2018 so the gujju fraudster ntro employee parmar, read her memory and sent a group of 5 or more gujju housewives for vegetable shopping at the store
These women were purchasing a large number of items , so if the domain investor, waited in the queue , her time would be wasted, the other option was not to purchase any item, and then face fake allegations of black money for not spending money.
Usually there is almost no one in the store, which has been opened recently
It is clear that memory reading is not used for national security, it is used to waste the time of the google competitor and ensure that she does not spend money.