5 legally valid reasons why memory reading of google competitor, engineer should be stopped immediately

For 8 years since 2010, bribed by google,tata, ntro employees led by the mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, parmar have been ruthlessly stealing the memory of the google competitor making flimsy excuses which are listed below
– having black money, money laundering, cheating in 8 years they have not found any proof to send an income tax notice or of cheating, so on what basis are they making these allegations. Usually in one to three years they find proof
– being a security threat for saving money, all her ex engineering colleagues have far more money, are more frugal
– being a security threat for owning domain names, there are male domain investors with more number of domains, more expensive domains, they are not subjected to memory reading, the domains are listed for sale, they are only an investment
– being considered for a government job or assignment, no longer valid
– being a friend of government employees, not true, these status conscious frauds have never and will never communicate with her, after defaming her for years circulating photos and videos

So from the above , it is clear, that the ntro employees have no legally valid reason for stealing the memory of the harmless law abiding google competitor, engineer other than personal hatred, greed, intellectual property theft , as the stolen memory is sold to google,tata who do not wish to pay salaries, consultancy fees, business expenses, they only offer money, sex , job bribes to ntro employees who steal the memory of harmless hardworking risk taking small business owners, without their permission, without offering any kind of compensation

the theft of memory of the google competitor since 2010 is a clear case of human rights abuses, denial of fundamental rights, the right to privacy, and to earn a fair living, has destroyed her personal and professional life, caused great financial losses
Can ntro employees justify in an open debate why she is not treated like other indian citizens who have all their fundamental rights