Fake allegations, fake relationship, fake help used to justify memory theft of google competitor

In a clear indication of how unethical and dishonest indian it and internet companies are completely fake allegations, fake relationship and fake help are used by the cunning fraud ntro employees to justify the theft of the memory , intellectual property, savings and correspondence of the google competitor since 2010, causing great financial losses.

Times of India had an article where officials stated that memory theft, brain wave reading was mainly used on criminals, and though the google competitor was innocent, the cunning fraud brahmin ntro employee puneet and others bribed their fraud friends to make completely fake allegations against the google competitor without any proof, so that that they could steal her memory for the rest of her life without any legally valid reason, without any compensation.

Usually every person who is accused of cheating and other crimes will know the name of the person who is making the allegations, the crimes he or she is accused of ,and also given an opportunity to defend himself or herself, so that the person can prove that he or she is innocent if the allegations are completely fake.

However in one of the greatest frauds, cases of exploitation, the cunning mhow cheater ntro employee puneet, was allowed to fake his relationship with the google competitor, so that she could divert and steal all information, and the google competitor was never given any opportunity to defend herself against the completely fake allegations, which she usually could easily do. The fraud puneet had never contacted the google competitor, engineer, yet he falsely claimed to know her very well, was helping her and acting on her behalf

When some frauds making fake allegations without any proof got rewarded by the cunning cheater puneet, others also started making fake allegations without any proof at all, to get quick money, Yet the cunning cheater ntro employee puneet used the completely fake allegations to defame, cheat and exploit the harmless google competitor, subject her to the most terrible human rights abuses, especially memory theft, steal her retirement savings , identity without a court order or legally valid reason

In 2018, it is clear that if the powerful cunning mhow cheater ntro employee puneet had not faked his relationship, no one would have made any fake allegations against the google competitor who they had not interacted with, as she could easily prove the fact, and her life would not be ruined. So when the fraud ntro employee have diverted and stolen the information of his friends making fake defamatory allegations from the google competitor, not allowing her to defend herself, why is the google competitor, engineer, expected to make sacrifices for the rest of her life , can anyone explain in an open debate