Bribe taking cruel fraud NTRO employees will never be able to justify MEMORY ROBBERY of google competitor in an open debate

Till 2017 the cruel cunning brahmin mhow cheater ntro employee puneet faked his relationship with the harmless google competitor, a private citizen to justify his endless MEMORY ROBBERY, falsely claiming that it was voluntary . In 2017-2018, it is agreed that the mhow cheater ntro employee puneet actually hates the google competitor, she is a stranger, whose life ntro employee puneet has destroyed yet the almost daily MEMORY ROBBERY of the google competitor by NTRO employees continues causing insomnia daily, affecting her health.

India has a population of more than 1.3 billion, there are many male indian domain investors owning far more domain names than the google competitor,more valuable domain names, yet ntro, indian government is only targetting the google competitor, a harmless single woman engineer for ROBBING MEMORY without a legally valid reason, without any compensation since 2010,

It is a clear case of discrimination, human rights abuses on the google competitor since 2010 because the stolen memory of the google competitor, a private citizen is circulated to a large number of people, denying her the right to a life of dignity and causing her great financial losses, making it difficult to build any kind of relationships as the officials robbing the memory are also defaming the harmless engineer, telling fake malicious stories to anyone she is interacting with.

All other Indian citizens are allowed to keep their memory private NTRO does not steal the memory , why is NTRO, indian government only stealing the memory of the google competitor, a private citizen and circulating it worldwide, without her permission, without a legally valid reason since 2010. When will the google, tata SLAVERY of harmless hardworking indian citizens like the domain investor owning this website end