Memory reading used for stealing beans, karela (bitter gourd) from google competitors terrace garden in panaji, goa

Instead of national security , increasingly memory reading is being used by ntro for stealing vegetables from the terrace garden of the google competitor, domain investor, google, tata slave , so that she feels frustrated and only works online.

After the real estate fraud in panaji, goa, it appears that the security and intelligence agencies of panaji, and their associates have become vegetable robbers, stealing vegetables from the kitchen gardens of citizens only to harass them

In another example of the harassment and criminal trespassing faced by the google competitor in panaji, goa, it appears that the trespassers stole a karela (bitter gourd) and beans from the terrace garden of the google competitor in panaji, goa, entering the house using duplicate keys.
The karela had grown after a lot of effort, it was well hidden, however memory reading was used to locate and steal the karela .
The theft took place between 7 August and 10 August 2018 , because on 6 August 2018, the karela and beans were growing properly.
On 10 August 2010, the beans have almost completely disappeared without any trace at all
It appears that more money will have to be wasted to purchase new locks for the home so that the vegetable robbers of panaji do not cause further damage
A purple flower had also been broken off by the criminal trespassers