Instead of MEMORY robbery under section 390 of the indian penal code, why are ROBBER ntro employees not getting a court order

Since 2010 the domain investor is subjected to ROBBERY under section 390 of the indian penal code by ntro employees without a legally valid reason. The ROBBER ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet are criminally defaming the domain investor, making fake allegations without any proof for 9 years and then ROBBING the domain investor of her MEMORY using brain wave reading technology at least once or twice a week since 2010

When arrested people are subjected to narcoanalysis, a court order is obtained,so that the person is given an opportunity to defend himself. Many times, the person accusing may be a LIAR , or not have sufficient information, so before any decision is taken against a person, he or she is always given an opportunity to defend himself or herself

The domain investor would like to ask the indian, state government especially goan government, why it is not getting a court order for MEMORY ROBBERY since the memory robbery is causing great losses, her TRADE SECRETS are also being robbed. Why is the goan government committing a crime under section 390 of the indian penal code, ROBBING the memory of a harmless private citizen for more than 9 years without getting a court order, without giving the robbery victim a chance to defend herself

In 2010, the fraud liar director puneet , parmar, j srinivasan, had their LIAR ASSOCIATES make FAKE ALLEGATIONS without any proof against their btech 1993 ee classmate from a top college who they hated, in 2019, it is clear that the LIARS making fake allegations had never interacted with the engineer at all, so the engineer is a harmless private citizen.

Hence the indian, goan government ntro should get a court order or stop robbing the MEMORY, TRADE SECRETS of a private citizen