Month: March 2017

Radiation attack to cause memory loss

When google, tata want google competitors to suffer a financial loss, they are increasingly using high power radiation weapons to allegedly attack the google competitor, cause memory loss , headache, Google, tata, the freelancer ntro employees recruited by these companies are aware of the fact that the radiation will cause microwave burns to the harmless [Continue]

SEX maniac fraud NTRO employees steal memory to enjoy FREE SEX, get salaries for their lazy fraud relatives, friends

Now it is increasingly clear that NTRO employees are not stealing the memory of a harmless single woman engineer for any national security purposes, the SEX maniac fraud NTRO employees steal memory of an engineer to enjoy FREE SEX, get monthly indian government salaries for their mediocre lazy google, tata sponsored fraud relatives, friends in [Continue]

Why is hypocrite fraud indian government not reading memory of R&AW employee indore housewife veena

The hypocrite fraud corrupt cruel indian government is wasting indian tax payer money paying a monthly salary to the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW employee bespectacled housewife veena , because the section 420 fraud corrupt LIAR ntro, cbi, security agency employees are falsely claiming that the indore housewife who never answered JEE has a btech [Continue]

Difficult for memory theft victim to make any money

India is unlikely to have any large internet company like google or facebook, because ntro, security agencies are stealing and selling the memory of all experienced internet users, domain investors and paypal account holders without their permission or offering compensation to large companies allegedly google, tata. If the memory theft victim will think of any [Continue]

Tata, google allegedly involved in memory theft

Google, tata make millions of dollars in profit, yet they are completely devoid of any ethics or humanity and will stoop to the lowest level to acquire talent and technology cheaply. Realizing that the harmless indian paypal account holders are very hardworking and honest, google, tata have devised a very dishonest way of acquire talent [Continue]

Memory theft a punishment for registering domains in India

In most countries like indonesia, japan, citizens are allowed to register any number of domain names, without any interference or harassment of government employees. However in a clear indication of how google, tata are allegedly controlling NTRO (national tata recruitment organization), these companies have convinced the powerful ntro employees to treat harmless indian domain investors [Continue]

Human cloning using memory

The non consensual human cloning project in India mainly involved misusing technology to – destroy the memory of the brilliant engineer using invisible radiation weapons – memory loss causes pain,forcing the victim to make mistakes – memory reading of the brilliant engineer using the latest technology – analyzing the memory to run an extortion/bribery racket [Continue]

Memory commons

Memory loss, memory cloning methods used for talent acquisition tactics, non consensual memory reading of private citizens without their permission or offering any compensation A look at the ambitious failed human cloning project of ntro, security agencies wherein a huge amount of indian tax payer money was wasted for more than 5 years by cruel [Continue]