Month: April 2017

Mainly brilliant lower caste professionals targetted for memory theft

In a clear indication that casteism is worsening in India, mainly brilliant lower caste professionals are being targetted by the mainly brahmin ntro, indian intelligence employees for memory theft, without a legally valid reason, without their permission or offering any kind of compensation. The extremely cunning dishonest brahmin officials have perfected the art of demonizing [Continue]

NTRO only targetting female domain investors for memory theft

NIXI the indian registry is advertising .in domain names on television, however few indian citizens are aware of the fact that the indian government, especially NTRO is targetting harmless indian domain investors for non consensual human experimentation like the jews in nazi germany. One of the worst experiments that is being carried on domain investors [Continue]

Erasing the memory for identity theft

One of the little known cruel experiments of the sex animal ntro employees is how they are extremely ruthless in trying to erase the memory of the harmless indian citizen, who they have targetted for identity theft. The ntro employees are using the most sophisticated methods available to locate their victim , and targetting the [Continue]