I Like That People Seem to Be Getting Smarter and Smarter

I got tired of going to me having to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me.. He's an older guy, who is around 78 or so. He seems too set in his ways. So, I stopped going to him, and now I go to a chiropractor in San Francisco who actually cares enough to listen to me and then acts based on what he learns from me. He's the one who figured out that I have a kneecap that cracked in half, and that is why I have so much pain in my knees. He's in his thirties, and it really seems like today's younger people are a a lot happier, friendlier and willing to listen to people. So, I will stick with him from now on.

It seems that a lot of older people are stuck in their ways. That's why I love the chiropractor that I go to on a regular basis. He's young, and knows the most recent, up-to-date things that he needs to know about helping people. I am trying to be mindful of when I am stubborn. My sad is incredibly stubborn, and I can see a little of him in myself. It is a lot easier to listen and learn, then it is to simply listen so that you can reply and be a know-it-all. That is not what will help the world. Today's young people are figuring that out really easily.

If I had a choice, I would like to be born about 100 years from now. The young people I meet today seem so much smarter than I was at that age, and they seem smarter than just about anyone I knew years ago as a young person, too. School is a lot harder for them now, and they have a lot of things they need to learn and keep up with compared to what I did back in my school years when things were laid back and too easy.