Indian government refuses to acknowledge the expense involved in creating BUSINESS MEMORIES WHEN IT ROBS MEMORIES of small business owners ILLEGALLY

if business data, trade secrets are leaked, copied or stolen it is a corporate crime and a criminal case is filed.
The repeated TRADE SECRET CASES in the united states against TCS including the $420 million fine in the epic systems case is an indication that in most countries, theft of business data or information is not tolerated and those involved in theft of even a small amount will be penalized. A business is investing a large amount of money, resources in creating the data, information, and if it is copied or stolen, the business faces losses.
Earlier business data was stored in the paper form, later it was digitized. Many small business owners are storing the business information in their brains, and are sometimes documenting in on the computer or writing it
If digital data or written documents are stolen it is a crime, and a case can be filed
The Paytm data theft case is well documented and widely covered in the mainstream indian mainstream media
Now that brainwave reading technology is easily available, indian intelligence and security agencies are misusing it to ROB the memory, TRADE SECRETS of harmless private citizens like the domain investor, single woman engineer owning this website for the last 10 years, without a legally valid reason, whenever they wish and copy pasting it on the brains of their relatives, girlfriends, and sharing it with anyone who is willing to pay the price

When theft of business data in digital document form is a crime, why is stealing the MEMORY, TRADE SECRETS, of private citizens without a legally valid reason not considered a crime by the indian government