can ntro, indian government explain why the replicas they are creating COPY PASTING ROBBED MEMORY of private citizens have no export income

ntro, indian government led by mhow monster puneet is justifying the ROBBERY of the memory, trade secrets of a harmless private citizen, without a legally valid reason , wasting crores of indian taxpayer money claiming that it will be able to create exact replicas of the engineer, domain investor.

For 10 years, the indian government has wasting Rs 4 crore annually for its CRIMINAL ACTIVITY of ROBBING the memory of a harmless private citizen without a court order, and copy pasting it on the brains of the 10 google, tata sponsored call girl, robber, cheater , fraud, school dropout raw/cbi employees, falsely claiming that the raw/cbi employees are exact replicas

However despite wasting Rs 40 crore of taxpayer money to commit human rights abuses,ROBBERY, COPY PASTING robbed memory on the domain investor, a private citizen, the 10 raw/cbi employees are not having any export income at all, after 10 years the LIAR raw/cbi are only falsely claiming to own the bank account of a private citizen, and this does not change the legal status of the bank account.

So when the main source of income of the domain investor is the export income, and ntro are unable to ensure that the replicas they create make money from exports, why is the government wasting money on ROBBING, COPY PASTING ROBBED MEMORY, TRADE SECRETS of a harmless private citizen without a legally valid reason for more than ten years.
why is the domain investor not left alone, why does she not have the right to privacy like the male domain investors in india, while is the government ROBBING her trade secrets without a legally valid reason for 10 years .