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I Found a Great Dentist in Town

I used to only go to the dentist when there was a problem. The only problem with that kind of thing is that because I did not go on a regular basis, I ended up going even more than I should have. I do recognize the irony in that now, but I really didn’t get [Continue]

Unlike NTRO, NSA does not read memory of domain investors

India claims to be a democracy like the united states , however NTRO, CBI and indian government agencies are completely controlled by corrupt, greedy cruel corporates like google, tata who are worse than Nazis in their endless atrocities on indian citizens, domain investors, subjecting them to non consensual human experimentation like that on Jews in [Continue]

Fat Reduction Done Without Needles

I had some excess body fat that needed to go, and I was willing to try anything to get rid of it. People always told me that I should try diet and exercise plans, but those were so hard for me and they didn’t work at all. Not to mention that those plans take a [Continue]