Why Pregnant Women See Chiropractors

My best friend told me I should see a chiropractor in San Leandro before I entered my second trimester. I did not want to hurt her feelings, but I had no intention of going to a chiropractor. I admit that I am probably the biggest skeptic around, and it did not help her cause that she goes to the doctor if she sneezes more than once in a day. I figured this was just her being overly cautious again. However, when my new obstetrician suggested the same thing, I knew I had to take it serious.

I asked her why because that was just something that did not make any sense to me. I could not understand how a chiropractor would possibly be a benefit to me when I was not injured. I know some people think pregnant women are weak, but I certainly don't fall into that category. I come from good stock, so I wanted to know why she was suggesting this. She explained that a woman's body changes obviously, but that because of the change inside, it can push things around. Continue reading →

How I Keep My Back in Great Shape at My Age

My back is the picture of health. It is strong and it does not hurt me when I work hard or sleep on different surfaces. We enjoy camping, and I have slept on the bare ground and wake up feeling fine. However, it was not always like that. When I had back pain that made it so I could hardly go up the stairs, I went to visit some Petaluma chiropractors because my regular doctor was unable to help. Imaging results were not definitive. I just hurt a whole lot. Now I do not.

The Petaluma chiropractors fixed me up, and I was helped in getting exercises to do to make my back a lot stronger. I do like to overdo it with working and recreational activities. After all, I should not be sleeping on the bare ground at my age. Continue reading →

Whiplash Hurts More Than You Think

I knew I needed to look for Oklahoma City chiropractors on the first day I moved into the city. I was in the process of moving into my new apartment and took off in my car to find some things at a nearby store when a little old lady in a huge boat of car rear ended me on the street. Within seconds of the impact I just knew I was going to have whiplash. It's weird when you feel your head move in such a violent motion. The first thought you have is how can my head move in that way, quickly followed by I'm going to have whiplash.

The weird thing about it is that you don't feel it right away, or at least I didn't. My neck felt sort of strange and tingly, but the pain wasn't really there. It was later that night, when I was moving furniture into my new apartment, that it hit me all at once. A crushing pain in my neck washed over me, soon followed by a horrible headache that I couldn't get rid of with aspirin. I just stopped what I was doing and laid down to try and grab some sleep.

The first thing I did in the morning is look up a chiropractor on my phone. I found one with great ratings and called an explained the situation. They got me right in and the chiropractor said they could tell just by looking at me that I had severe neck pain.They got right to work on my neck and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it wouldn't hurt. I braced for severe pain and instead felt the pain vanish as they did something to my neck. It was gone in seconds and I don't even need to return for further treatment!

Getting Back to Better Spinal Health Took Me Some Time

The downward trend for me started when I started going up in pant sizes. I felt my clothes getting tight, then I just bought bigger pants and shirts when I got new clothes. My problem is that I was eating the same I as did when I had a far more strenuous job. When the pounds built up to a certain point, my back started to hurt really bad. On top of gaining weight, I had lost muscle mass from doing less. My wife found me a Tracy chiropractor that was able to help me with my back pain, nutrition, the weight loss I needed and getting my strength back.

I know that I could have just kept on going in for spinal adjustments to relieve pain, but I wanted a permanent fix for my problem rather than just a bandage. Continue reading →

I Found a Great Dentist in Town

I used to only go to the dentist when there was a problem. The only problem with that kind of thing is that because I did not go on a regular basis, I ended up going even more than I should have. I do recognize the irony in that now, but I really didn't get it before. The last time I had a toothache, I decided to look for a new dentist in Livermore. The one I had gone to the last two times was just not one that I felt comfortable with, and I just felt it was time for a change.

That turned everything around for me as far as my oral health is concerned. All this time, I thought that all dentists were alike, but going to Foothill Dental Care showed me that there are definitely dentists with different types of personalities as well as skills. I had made an appointment to have a tooth looked at since it was hurting me, and this dental practice was able to see me right away. Continue reading →

NTRO memory reading breaching the indian constitution, right to equality

India officially claims that all indian citizens are equal, why is the memory of a obc single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor alone stolen by NTRO employees , why google, tata sponsored goan sex workers and other frauds, google, tata employees getting access to her stolen memory for free, without her permission or offering any kind of compensation .
The obc engineer whose memory is stolen by NTRO employees does not get access to the memory of the NTRO employees or the R&AW/CBI employees who given the stolen memory for free , clearly indicating that the obc single woman engineer is a second class citizen, a slave whose memory is stolen by NTRO employees
The indian government should publicly specify the criteria for selecting indian citizens for memory reading, why only select citizens, especially the obc single woman engineer is selected for memory reading as the stolen memory is often used to extort money when shopping, cause losses to her online business, as the officials are sabotaging anything that is making a profit, misleading domain buyers worldwide

Memory reading, voice to skull technology used to make life hell

It is now confirmed that the indian government is using memory reading , voice to skull technology on indian citizens, often to make their life hell. For example for a google competitor , the memory reading is used to send negative unpleasant messages depending on what she has read or spotted . So working on a computer or watching television has become an unpleasant experience, as these officials are always sending negative messages, The domain investor was also denied almost all information,isolated, so she forced herself to look for messages in everything. This was further exploited to send misleading and unpleasant messages to cause further mental stress.
The memory reading is used to check whether the message had a positive or negative effect.
If it had a negative effect, the officials will again try to create the negative effect again
Though the domain investor is training herself to ignore the messages , it can be a very difficult task, as the messages are very omnipresent, usually some kind of programming is being used, keeping track of positive and negative messages
Now only gardening and looking after pets can help escape the mental torture using wireless technologies.

Unlike NTRO, NSA does not read memory of domain investors

India claims to be a democracy like the united states , however NTRO, CBI and indian government agencies are completely controlled by corrupt, greedy cruel corporates like google, tata who are worse than Nazis in their endless atrocities on indian citizens, domain investors, subjecting them to non consensual human experimentation like that on Jews in Nazi Germany. One of the worst experiments of tata, google, NTRO is the memory reading for human cloning conducted on a google competitor since 2010.
In USA, many citizens like Matthew Klein have more than 50,000 domains according to publicly available whois data , yet NSA does not waste tax payer money reading his memory, defaming him, circulating his photo and memories to companies and individuals worldwide to defame him. On the other hand, top NTRO employees like puneet, j srinivasan, goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, nayak, mandrekar are like parrots owned repeating the malicious stories which their owners in google, tata are telling them to repeat, and stealing the memory of harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors, for google, tata sponsored goan sex workers,sunaina, siddhi cheater housewives and other frauds falsely claiming national security.
This clearly indicates NTRO, India is like the weak enemies of Israel where indian intelligence and security agencies waste most of their time and resources harassing harmless citizens , allowing foreign countries like Pakistan create problems in kashmir

Lawyer/human rights activist required to end memory reading of harmless indian citizens

Lawyer/human rights activist required to end non consensual memory reading of harmless indian citizens, engineers by NTRO, CBI, indian intelligence and security agencies which is a breach of their fundamental right to privacy, to live with dignity and to earn a fair living .
Since 2010 NTRO, CBI, indian intelligence and security agencies have been making completely fake allegations without any proof at all, against the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and have read her memory without her permission or offering any kind of compensation, falsely claiming national security, tax evasion. After 7 years, these indian government employees have not found any legally valid proof, yet are not stopping memory reading, causing great financial losses to her. Brain wave, mind reading technology has been discussed in the media, however the indian government has officially acknowledged how citizens are being selected for mind reading without their permission.
Looking for a lawyer who can file a PIL on behalf of indian citizens asking the government to explain why only some citizens are being selected for mind reading, the list of non criminals subjected to mind reading , what kind of compensation the government is offering to those whose memory has been read for some years without their permission, to compensate for the loss of income, what is being done with the stolen memory

Google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI employees steal the memory of google competitor for identity theft

NTRO is openly working for companies like google,tata and is using a combination of memory reading and voice to skull technology for causing losses to a google competitor, wasting indian tax payer money in the process for 7 years since 2010 in a clear case of non consensual human experimentation
The stolen memory of the google competitor is then transferred to the google,tata sponsored R&AW/;CBI employees goan SEX workers slim goan obc bhandari call girl sunaina 2013 bsc , goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar and other frauds like riddhi nayak, nayanshree hatwhar, naina, veena and other frauds faking a btech 1993 ee degree to get a monthly indian government salary without offering any kind of compensation to the google competitor, clearly breaching her fundamental right to equality and justice, to privacy and to earn a fair living,
India has a population of more than 1.3 billion, why is the google competitor alone subjected to memory reading without her permission, or offering any kind of compensation, unlike other indian citizens, who can keep their memory secret