Upset that their victim is being paid, memory ROBBER NTRO employees disable BSNL SIM card

Led by the cruel fraud animal like mhow cheater puneet who faked his relationship to justify the memory ROBBERY of a harmless single woman engineer, his betch 1993 ee classmate, the memory ROBBER ntro employees think that stealing the memory of the engineer, a private citizen, is their birthright, she does not have to be paid any compensation for the memory NTRO is stealing.

However other countries are slowly realizing that the inhuman cruel indian government, ntro is involved in human rights abuses ROBBING the memory of a private citizen without any legally valid reason, without any compensation, for more than 8 years, so they are taking pity on the engineer and offering some paid work unlike the robber ntro employees who are ruthless in blocking orders and payment. They realize that the cruel fraud ntro employees have shared the stolen memory of a private citizen without any compensation to her.

However the ntro employees are so upset that the domain investor, engineer whose memory they have robbed for more than 8 years without paying her anything is getting paid by someone, that they disabled the BSNL SIM card she was using on November 16, 2018 in goa

On November 17, 2018, the engineer was again subjected to memory robbery in panaji, goa causing insomnia