R&AW/cbi employees with COPY PASTED ROBBED MEMORY are like overconfident robbers who think that their robbery will never be detected

Though RAW/cbi employees with ROBBED MEMORY copy pasted on their brains make fake claims, they do not control domains. It is an indication of the arrogance of the incompetence of the ntro/raw/cbi employees that they think that their MEMORY ROBBERY will never be detected by others and they can continue to make fake claims about domain ownership.

If the well paid raw/cbi employees had some humanity, they would have purchased the domain names legally instead of EXPLOITING the real domain investor mercilessly, making her pay rs 4 lakh for the domains annually, and then shamelessly taking credit
Though most countries believed the indian intelligence and security agencies initially when the identity theft racket started in 2010, the refusal of the extremely GREEDY FRAUD LIAR inhuman raw/cbi employees to pay any money for the domains, which they falsely claim to own exposed their LIES worldwide
So though ntro, raw, cbi may do false propaganda that their lazy greedy liar employees own the domains of a private citizen, it is very obvious that the domains are not controlled by any indian or state government employees since they do not pay for the domains.

Their great power has made the ntro/raw/cbi employees extremely arrogant, just because no one will question them in india, they think that the whole world will believe their lies. Yet they fail to realize that they are acting like overconfident robbers who think that their robbery will never be detected, when the domain control is the best evidence which proves the robbery