Well paid greedy government employees refuse to purchase domains themselves and ROB MEMORY of harmless indian domain investors since 2010

Though they are getting a very good monthly salary with dearness allowance and pension, top indian government employees in the internet sector are the most SHAMELESS, GREEDIEST LIARS, FRAUDS, refusing to purchase the domains legally, and then committing CYBERCRIME, human rights abuses ROBBING the MEMORY of harmless indian domain investors making a huge loss after slandering them in the worst manner
The greedy government employees are then falsely claiming that their favorite fraud call girls, girlfriends, who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of the private citizen they hate and slander to get them government jobs at the expense of the real domain investor. They are supported in the domain ownership, financial fraud by the greedy fraud top indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata, running a job for sex racket, to avoid paying call girls from their million dollar profit
When elon musk has legally purchased the domain x.com from paypal in 2017, the indian government, tech, and internet companies fail to answer why the domain fraudster greedy government employees, tech and internet companies do not purchase the domains legally.

Indian government agencies do not monitor hackers involved in illegal activities, only harmless content creators are subjected to MEMORY ROBBERY

Indian hackers make hundreds and thousands of dollars hacking computers worldwide,yet no one monitors or questions them, only content creators are hounded
The economic times again carried a report on Indian hackers make hundreds and thousands of dollars hacking computers worldwide, setting up phishing ,yet no one monitors or questions them, only harmless content creators making very less money are hounded, subjected to human rights abuses.
Hacking the computers of people, companies worldwide, phishing is an illegal activity, yet the government agencies do not subjected them to MEMORY ROBBERY,human rights abuses, CYBERCRIME, put them under surveillance or harass them, only harmless hardworking content creators are slandered and closely monitored to cheat, exploit and harass them
The domain investor is making a small amount of money only because she is a content creator, yet only as part of the identity, resume theft racket she is subjected to MEMORY ROBBERY so that the lazy greedy CRUEL CUNNING cheater government employees who refuse to purchase domains, can get all their lazy greedy friends, relatives no work, no investment government jobs.

CYBERCRIMINAL MEMORY ROBBER top indian government employees use ROBBED MEMORY of female college classmate to get FRAUD girlfriends, associates government jobs

Government openly rewards CYBERCRIME, MEMORY ROBBERY for 12 years paying MEMORY ROBBERS monthly government salaries for CYBERCRIME, FINANCIAL FRAUD
One of the reasons why so many people are loosing money to cybercrime, is because the indian government openly rewards cybercrime, financial fraud, MEMORY ROBBERY on hardworking domain investors paying monthly government salary to all the lazy greedy frauds who are faking domain ownership, online income
The MEMORY ROBBERY racket was allegedly started by the cruel cunning cheater brahmin government employees j srinivasan, puneet from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay., who HATED their female classmate ,so being shameles FRAUDS, these GREEDY CYBERCRIMINAL government employees falsely claimed that their classmate who they HATED,never contacted had agreed to MEMORY ROBBERY to ROB her MEMORY without her permission, without any kind of compensation at all
Initially the gullible single woman engineer kept quiet, yet after 7-8 years she realized that her fraud btech 1993 ee classmates all hated her and had no right to rob her memory, to get their lazy greedy girlfriends, associates government jobs, others told she was used as a honeypot
Yet, though the engineer, domain investor is wasting time daily protesting, showing the lack of corporate ethics, of tech, internet companies allegedly google, tata, who are the top supporters of CYBERCRIME, MEMORY ROBBERY , the government refuses to correct its records, and continues to dupe companies, countries and people worldwide
with fake stories about domain ownership