People worldwide shocked at the brutality,human rights abuses of MEMORY ROBBER CRUEL CUNNING CHEATER government employees

Though they get a very good salary and pension, MEMORY ROBBER CRUEL CUNNING CHEATER government employees are ruthless in cheating,exploiting,robbing and torturing harmless private citizens who they HATE making very less money and then falsely claiming that the stolen data belongs to their lazy greedy girlfriends, associates who they have got government jobs
These cruel cunning cheater government employees are so arrogant, greedy , cruel that they refuse to admit that MEMORY ROBBERY is incorrect, they are denying the domain investor, her fundamental rights, the right to equality and privacy when they rob the MEMORY and then falsely claim that the ROBBED MEMORY belongs to lazy greedy call girl, school dropout, housewife and other fraud employees
Being the most brutal and cruel CYBERCRIMINALS in the world, these cunning cruel top indian government employees do not even have the honesty and humanity to get a court order , instead they are stalking the single woman for 12 years and using the latest wireless technology to ROB MEMORY, DATA. Being extremely brutal, cruel, they think that memory robbery is their birthright and are boasting about the MEMORY ROBBERY to everyone worldwide,
People are shocked at the CRUELTY, CYBERCRIMES of the top indian government employees and even while making the payment at quora, they commented that they were paying mainly for exposing the human rights abuses.