Google,tata sponsored Goan christian housewife nisha dsa involved in stalking the google competitor using memory reading

It appears that memory reading is used by google,tata and their associates for stalking the google competitor in panaji, goa. On 18 June 2018, the domain investor, observed that when she was leaving the area, the housewife nisha dsa, who has one daughter, was spotted entering the area.
In a similar manner , on 11 June 2018, the domain investor was leaving the area early in the morning at about 7 am, and she again spotted nisha dsa who usually wears tshirts, has her hair tied in a pony tail entering the area
It appears that google,tata and others have a facility for monitoring the domain investor remotely, and when the domain investor has decided to leave the area, the monitoring cannot be done, so nisha dsa returns to her home. Memory reading is used to determine when the domain investor has decided to leave the area, and ensure that Nisha Dsa crosses her path as she leaves.

Memory reading used by NTRO to take defamatory photos, videos for framing innocent citizens

One of the reasons why colors serial Bepanah is popular is because it shows the dark side of indian government agencies,especially cbi, which the mainstream media will never cover, and television serials are also usually not covering, yet a large number of indian citizens are suffering due to abuse of power, do not find any way to get help and end the harassment.

In the colors serial CBI officer Rajvir Khanna (played by Apurva Agnihotri) frames Zoya Arora and Aditya Hooda, though they are innocent,to boost his career, and in exactly a similar manner brahmin fraud NTRO employee puneet, specializes in framing innocent people, especially indian domain investors including the domain investor owning this website, to defame, cheat and exploit them for the rest of their life, steal their identity and boost his own career
The cheater brahmin ntro employee puneet who looks like the actor Apurva Agnihotri in some ways , uses the same methods as cbi officer Rajvir Khanna in framing innocent people
In the colors serial Bepanah, cbi officer Rajvir Khanna is shown taking many photos of Zoya Arora and Aditya Hooda, which he then uses to frame them at a later date, circulating the photos in the media (and probably use it as evidence later)
. In exactly a similar manner, powerful fraud ntro employee puneet, with the help of his associates j srinivasan, parmar, vijay, patel, cbi employee kodancha are taking photos and making videos of the domain investor, without her permission, whenever she is in the public, and circulating these unpleasant photos, videos without her knowledge, permission to defame, cheat and exploit her
In fact memory reading is used by ntro employees to correctly predict when the domain investor will leave her home, so that they can arrange for their associates to stand in the way, and they can take unpleasant photos of the engineer, which they will circulate to everyone she will interact with, to defame her, use it as proof that she is not "respectable" when they are mainly manipulated or photoshopped photos.