Erasing the memory for identity theft

One of the little known cruel experiments of the sex animal ntro employees is how they are extremely ruthless in trying to erase the memory of the harmless indian citizen, who they have targetted for identity theft. The ntro employees are using the most sophisticated methods available to locate their victim , and targetting the person with high power radiation beams to cause great pain due to microwave burns.
The brain cells of the identity theft victim are damaged, causing great pain and destroying the memory of the person. The short term memory of the person is affected and he or she does not remember any incident which has taken place in the last few hours, and in many cases, the long term memory of the victim is also effected.

So any person who is suddenly suffering from headache and memory loss, should be aware of the fact that he or she may be intentionally targetted by the local intelligence and security agency, ntro employees