How I Keep My Back in Great Shape at My Age

My back is the picture of health. It is strong and it does not hurt me when I work hard or sleep on different surfaces. We enjoy camping, and I have slept on the bare ground and wake up feeling fine. However, it was not always like that. When I had back pain that made it so I could hardly go up the stairs, I went to visit some Petaluma chiropractors because my regular doctor was unable to help. Imaging results were not definitive. I just hurt a whole lot. Now I do not.

The Petaluma chiropractors fixed me up, and I was helped in getting exercises to do to make my back a lot stronger. I do like to overdo it with working and recreational activities. After all, I should not be sleeping on the bare ground at my age.

However, I no longer have back issues because I do go in for routine adjustments to keep my back in great shape. I head off problems before they even have a chance to get established. This is why I can keep on working and keep on camping and doing other things I like to do. I can even do 36 holes of golf without needing another day off to recover. When I had the back pain, I would not have even been able to put on a putting green and pick up the ball from the cup.

After I had the bad bout with back pain and had it resolved, I credit the routine maintenance I have done on my back at my Petaluma chiropractors for keeping me in good enough shape to keep on enjoying the things I like to do. There is no way that I want that back pain to ever return and plague me again.