NTRO, government involved in stealing TRADE SECRETS of small business owners, ROBBING their MEMORY without a legally valid reason

In USA , TCS is facing law suits for stealing trade secrets, with computer science corp (CSC) the second company which is filing law suits for theft of code.
This is a clear indication of the complete lack of ethics of indian IT and internet companies which are openly involved in the robbery of TRADE SECRETS of harmless small business owners in india without a legally valid reason to avoid paying salaries and business expenses

The indian government is talking about startup India, yet the intelligence agency NTRO is ruthless in robbing the trade secrets of small business owners ROBBING THEIR MEMORY without a legally valid reason for more than 9 years, giving fake excuses of national security. Multiple sources have indicated that the MEMORY, TRADE SECRETS of the domain investor legally owning this website have been ROBBED since 2010, without a legally valid reason

In a clear indication of the terrible business conditions in India the government helps google and others steal trade secrets of harmless innocent small business owners wasting indian taxpayer money, giving complete fake excuses of national security, black money and money laundering
The business owners are put under surveillance giving flimsy excuses, their computers, phones hacked, MEMORY ROBBED

Unlike the united states, where companies can file cases against TCS and other companies FOR STEALING TRADE SECRETS, in india, no lawyer will fight for the small business owner, whose memory, trade secrets have been robbed for more than 9 years without a legally valid reason