Tata, google allegedly involved in memory theft

Google, tata make millions of dollars in profit, yet they are completely devoid of any ethics or humanity and will stoop to the lowest level to acquire talent and technology cheaply. Realizing that the harmless indian paypal account holders are very hardworking and honest, google, tata have devised a very dishonest way of acquire talent and technology cheaply, viciously defaming them without any proof and then subjecting the paypal account holder to non consensual memory reading experiments, stealing their memory without their permission or offering any kind of compensation.
NTRO, CBI, security agency employees are allegedly bribed by google, tata to steal the memory of the domain investor, paypal account holder misusing the very expensive equipment at their disposal. So if the paypal account holder refuses to take up a job, he or she effectively becomes a slave of large internet companies, allegedly google, tata , as all the victims business and personal secrets are stolen by these companies without the permission of the victim.
When memory reading is being used, the victim effectively loses the fundamental right to privacy and to earn a fair living as the poor domain investor, paypal account holder is effectively working for free for large companies making huge profits