Why is hypocrite fraud indian government not reading memory of R&AW employee indore housewife veena

The hypocrite fraud corrupt cruel indian government is wasting indian tax payer money paying a monthly salary to the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW employee bespectacled housewife veena , because the section 420 fraud corrupt LIAR ntro, cbi, security agency employees are falsely claiming that the indore housewife who never answered JEE has a btech 1993 ee degree , owns domain names and is an online expertd5r
However in india section 420 fraud corrupt LIAR ntro, cbi,raw security agency employees are like call girls purchased by companies allegedly google, tata. So though it can be easily proved that the google, tata sponsored R&AW employee bespectacled indore housewife veena has never purchased a single domain in her life and has never invested any money online in her life, does not have a paydtdtsince tata, google have purchased indian government employees with the morals of prostitute, they continue to repeat their lies like parrots for 7 years since 2010 so that the indore housewife veena gets a monthly R&AW salary for making fake claims

If the R&AW employee indore housewife veena, a cunning fraud, is actually an online expert,domain investor why is the indian government not reading her memory?why is the indian government wasting indian tax payer money TO FREELANCE FOR GOOGLE, TATA, stealing the memory of a private citizen, and then falsely claim that google, tata sponsored prostitutes, cheater indian government employees are doing all the work online