NTRO gifting stolen memory of indian citizens to google, tata, unfair trade practice

Like all large companies, whatever google, tata employees are doing in their office remains confidential and if any other company or individual will try to access the information, these companies will immediately file a lawsuit to end the theft of the trade secrets.
However in India, harmless paypal account holders find that powerful ntro employees are stalking them and stealing their memory without their permission or offering any compensation, falsely claiming national security matters. Then these cunning NTRO employees are gifting the stolen memory of a small business owner to large corporates, allegedly google, tata who are too miserly and too greedy to invest their time and money in doing research or hiring some experienced engineers
It is an unfair practice and abuse of power of NTRO employees when they share the stolen memory of harmless indian citizens with large corporates, their business rivals, it is same as stealing a physical asset
When NTRO employees are not stealing the memory of google, tata employees, why are they stealing the memory of google competitors, wasting indian tax payer money? Is the indian government going to officially declare that NTRO employees are allowed to freelance for large companies like google, tata misusing the expensive equipment purchased with indian tax payer money.

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