sundar pichai led google, BRIBES FRAUD indian government to commit WORK AT HOME FRAUD since 2010 using MEMORY ROBBERY

sundar pichai led google , like tata, and other tech, internet companies are aware that 10 google, tata sponsored lazy greedy FRAUD RAW/cbi employees FAKING a btech 1993 ee degree especially panaji SHAMELESS GREEDY LIAR housewife cbi employee RUTHLESS ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, who looks like actress kangana ranaut, solange, goan bhandari sunaina chodan,indore robber deepika are not doing any computer work at home , they are only cooking, housekeeping, enjoying themselves

Yet in a clear example of government, corporate fraud, the SHAMELESS FRAUD ROBBER RELATIVES of riddhi, her liar husband caro, father nayak, mandrekar, goan bhandari pritesh chodankar are ILLEGALLY ROBBING the MEMORY of a hardworking single woman domain investor who is doing computer work for 8-10 hours without a court order to copy paste the ROBBED MEMORY on the BRAIN of the panaji robber traw/cbi employees riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, so that they can make up FAKE STORIES about doing computer work at home, dupe people, companies and countries with their lies

Google, tata are BRIBING these ROBBER government employees in goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka to commit this WORK AT HOME FRAUD, these fraud companies do not have the honesty to question the officials, why they want to falsely claim that LAZY GREEDY CHEATER women cooking, housekeeping,enjoying themselves , are doing computer work, when they are least interested in doing so
when these lazy fraud raw/cbi employees do not want to do computer work at home, why make fake claims for ten years, criminally defaming the single woman doing work at home.