Instead of ILLEGALLY ROBBING MEMORY of harmless single women engineers, indian government should have informed them of the government human rights abuses before applying for JEE

Countries, companies and people should be aware that the retirement savings ROBBED by MEMORY ROBBER mhow monster ntro employee puneet are far more than the cost of education in any college in india

Despite robbing everything from his female btech 1993 ee classmate, who he hates, including her retirement savings, which are far more than the cost of education in any engineering college in india, the Sociopath ntro employee puneet continues to dupe people with his FAKE STORIES of student loan to justify the hacking of the computers of a private citizen, memory and correspondence robbery
The harmless single woman engineer whose MEMORY ntro has robbed for the last ten years can easily prove that the cost of the KVP which are robbed by the ntro/cbi/security agency employees in 2012, is far more than the cost of education in any engineerng college, there is no student loan pending.
Since the well paid ROBBER indian security agencies have not returned the KVP which they have ILLEGALLY ROBBED, they have no right to also ROB the memory of a harmless private citizens, making up fake stories of student loan

The indian government should have informed all students initially about the student loan, at the time of joining or applying for JEE, then the student could have taken up some other course like CA , when security agencies do not rob the retirement savings, MEMORY of professionals to get their relatives, sugar babies monthly raw/cbi salaries